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Wisdom Guardian offers a one stop trademark service for mark design and registration in Thailand. We know that many entrepreneurs and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) do not employ full time designers and intellectual property experts; as a result, properly creating and successfully registering a trademark can be challenging. Accordingly, Wisdom Guardian provides a one stop service for logo design and the protection of trademarks in Thailand and the ASEAN member countries. Using our one stop service, clients can source all of their trademark needs starting with the analysis of the marketplace and a trademark infringement search and then moving on to logo design by a skilled designer and finishing with mark registration at the Trademark Office. With a professionally designed, high-quality mark, the approval process is faster and easier and the mark will receive more protection under trademark laws after registration.


Our one stop trademark services


  • Strategy and advice
  • Trademark search and analysis
  • Logo and trademark design
  • Trademark registration
  • Branding and marketing collateral
  • Web development and SEO
  • Renewals
  • Contract and license management



Our process is transparent and the packages for our one stop services are set at fixed prices and quoted up front. There are no hidden charges. For our design and branding services, we work with an expert artist and graphic designer and a talented web developer.

At Wisdom Guardian, we help create logos that are:



The logo will be totally original, and all logo design work will be done by our approved partners and will not be done on spec or referred to freelancers. We will not use stock vectors, stock photography, or logo generator software.


Not too trendy or too complex

The logo will be clean, memorable and motivating, and easy to decipher. The logo design will be imaginative and not mimic current trends or fads and accurately represent the business’s premise, personality, and products.


Effective at any size

The logo will be visually appealing and easily identifiable at any size from business cards to billboards and in any media type. The logo will also recognizable when inverted or mirrored.


Vector images

The logo will be a vector image which is based on mathematical formula and made up of lines and curves, not pixels. A vector image can be scaled to any size without losing quality and will transfer well to other media types and make future design modifications easier.


Careful with colors

If a logo relies on colors to distinguish different design elements, the logo may not appear correctly in black and white or in a single color. A logo that uses too many colors can appear cluttered and will be more expensive to print.


Careful with fonts

Too many fonts in a logo can cause confusion and look amateurish. A logo should not use too many font or weights and not use fancy script fonts or fonts that are predictable, ultra-thin, or too complex. Kerning, spacing, and sizing are also important factors.


Standard one stop trademark service package:


1. The client provides a mark idea and a list of goods to be trademarked and fills out our questionnaire and provides design ideas and concepts – fonts, pictures, etc.


2. Wisdom Guardian analyzes the marketplace, does a risk assessment, and completes a search of existing trademarks with the Trademark Office. We then produce an evaluation report and advise on the chances of success and the boundary of the protections. As part of the package, we undertake three preliminary searches. For any additional searches, there will be an additional charge per search.


3. Our designer partner creates a custom logo design suitable for the client and its business identity that will satisfy the requirements for trademark registration. For our standard package, the designer creates three initial logo design concepts in conjunction with the team at Wisdom Guardian and the client is allowed a total of three rounds of revisions. For our purposes, a round of revisions is considered a list of alterations, additions, changes, and edits from the client that have been reviewed by the team at Wisdom Guardian. For any revisions after the final round of revisions, an additional hourly rate will apply. If the logo design does not pass the registration requirements, further modifications to the design are free of charge within a limited time period.


4. Wisdom Guardian prepares the trademark application, files it with the Trademark Office, and offers assistance during the ongoing application process. If any legal disputes arise, Wisdom Guardian works closely with IP legal professionals who are available to assist with any legal matters (costs not included).