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Lab WG (2)




Wisdom Guardian offers a full range of intellectual property services and works with domestic and international clients and handles all aspects of intellectual property (IP) for Thailand including filing, licensing, renewal, enforcement, and prosecution of copyrights, trademarks, patents, domain names, trade secrets, and geographical indicators (GI). We also provide IP creation, IP commercialization, and IP management services. Additionally, we offer expert legal advice on civil and criminal intellectual property cases under Thai law.


IP Creation Services

• Implement, review, and optimize R&D projects
• Devise competitive IP and innovation strategies
• One stop logo, trademark, and website design
• Recordal of music work for copyright
• Due diligence


IP Commercialization Services

• IP valuation with our certified global partner, Censere
• IP licensing
• Matching solutions – assist in business matching and finding new partners
• IP business plans – link development strategies to business and product strategies
• Due diligence – the complete evaluation of IP rights
• Catalog and screen IP portfolios
• Technology evaluation
• Negotiation and contractual agreements
• Rebranding – maintain strong identity of brand while expanding business scope
• Corporate set up and company formation


IP Management Services

• Comprehensive management of IP portfolios and assets
• Develop overall IP strategy
• IP recordal
• Negotiating and drafting agreements or MOUs
• Translations
• Conduct searches for IP information
• Monitoring services
• Threat assessment on alleged infringements
• Portfolio classification, mapping and analysis
• Link IP development strategies to business and product strategies