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Wisdom Guardian Thailand is an intellectual property consulting firm in Bangkok that provides custom intellectual property (IP) consulting and management services. We assist clients with intellectual property creation, acquisition, commercialization, monetization, and protection and deliver planning and strategy solutions for both existing and developing intellectual property. We believe advantageous strategic decisions come about through the analysis of a client’s R&D or intellectual property and the interchange of ideas between IP professionals and the IP’s owner or manager. Collaboration on products or services during the R&D phase or before a piece of intellectual property is brought to market helps generate an inventory of all opportunities, constraints, and strategic considerations. Products and services can then designed in the best possible manner and also reflect market demand.


As part of our in-depth trademark practice, Wisdom Guardian offers a one-stop trademark service that focuses on logo and trademark design and successful mark registration in Thailand and the ASEAN member states. Wisdom Guardian also specializes in advising on, drafting, and prosecuting patent applications in many technical fields including electronics, telecommunications, software, information technology, mechanical engineering, and chemical and medical inventions. We also supply efficient and cost effective approaches for intellectual property management.


As part of the ASEAN Economic Community integration, the ASEAN member states have agreed to accede to the Madrid Protocol by the end of 2015. The Madrid Protocol is part of the Madrid System for the International Registration of Marks; a central registration system for the international registration of trademarks and services marks administered by the World Intellectual Property Organization. Under this system, marks can be registered and protected in multiple Madrid Protocol member countries through the filing of one application, and at this time, over 90 countries have acceded to the Madrid Protocol. With our one stop trademark service, the goal is to help create a high-quality, distinctive trademark that will fulfill the registration requirements not only for Thailand, but for all Madrid Protocol countries. Registering a mark with the Madrid Protocol is a smooth process and very convenient for the applicant and can be much cheaper as there is no need to hire a local agent in the different countries. Appointment of an agent is only necessary when there is an office action.